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How Does Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction Work?

How Does Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction Work?


What Is Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

A condition such as ED only affects men’s sexual health. However, Cenforce 200 mg is multiple factors, that may influence it and trigger it in a man. Mostly there are physical factors that influence such conditions in men.

However, there are aspects other than this as well that may trigger ED. Mental health imbalance is certainly one of them.

Psychological factors are a major reason why men may face a condition like this. Psychogenic is vital to discuss the critical aspects of such issues so that we can tackle them properly.

The Cycle Of Psychogenic ED

  • Psychogenic ED is a sort of condition that directly affects your sexual health by causing problems to your mental health. As the name suggests it is a condition, which happens because of a faulty psychological condition.
  • Faulty mental health can affect many other physical abilities of a person. For a man, it can also affect his erection. Psychogenic starts with different mental health problems that directly affect your intimate health.
  • Suffering from this condition can happen if a person continues to suffer from such mental health problems for a continuous time.
  • Psychogenic is a vicious cycle in a certain way. People facing ED because of poor mental health will further face complex issues like depression because of a faulty erection. It can even hinder the ability of pills like Sildenafil Cenforce 200 to properly at the condition.

How Many Men Are Affected By Psychological Impotence?

A condition such as ED has become quite common because of varied factors. Certainly, in the USA today we can see an annual report of 19 to 66 cases in 1000 men in countries like Brazil, The USA and other Western nations.

Multiple studies and observations have found that about 20% of such cases are directly happening because of poor mental health.

This shows that Psychogenic imbalances can comprise a huge chunk of ED cases. This further makes it vital for men to find quality solutions to reduce its impact on the body.

How Can You Identify Your Erectile Dysfunction As Psychogenic?

Before jumping to conclusions, it is certainly vital to first figure out if your erectile problems are happening because of a poor mental health condition. There are both physical and mental health factors behind the condition.

Hence, without proper knowledge or testing, you cannot conclude that a particular aspect is triggering this problem. However, in general, if you have a better physique and you eat healthy food but still face erection problems, it is a matter of concern.

We can certainly see many men who are physically fit but suffering from issues like depression and constant anxiety from work. All these can trigger mental health issues, which can further trigger problems like ED.

Psychological Ed Causes

physical causes


  • stress is one of the biggest enemies to your intimate health. Constant suffering from it will affect your physical abilities including intimate health prowess. Stress directly can trigger many bodily conditions, which hinder blood flow to your penile region.
  •  More than that, it certainly can decline in the male libido. This can make you dependent on pills like cenforce 100 blue pill to enhance your sexual urge to get a quality erection.


  • Anxiety again is a very common reason why you may face erectile issues. There are many things, which can make you tense and worry.
  • It can be regarding your personal life or even because of office deadlines. Anxiety is again a great enemy of your libido that directly can affect your erection abilities.

Low Self-Esteem-

  • low self-esteem indicates a person is under-confident. Confidence is a key aspect of doing well in bed. Without it, you will not be able to satisfy the needs of your partner or even get a good erection. Low self-esteem means thinking less about your abilities and your manhood.
  • For a man, Psychogenic is a great challenge to your long-term mental health, which will trigger other issues. Certainly, it can also influence ED.


  • Depressive thoughts are again going to trigger symptoms that will influence your physical and mental health. Depression can also happen because of various reasons including prolonged anxiety or even low self-esteem.

Sexual Trauma-

  • past experiences of bad sex certainly can put trauma in your mind. This can affect the quality of sex you are going to have in the future.
  • Sexual trauma can affect a person’s confidence in bed. Sexual trauma is among a few of the common reasons why a person’s erection ability is 100%.

Treatment Options For Psychogenic ED

psychological causes


  1. Opting for mental health therapies can also provide relief from ED. This will make you feel confident and have a better insight into your health.
  2. Therapies have proven to work effectively in improving your confidence and a system-better mentality.
  3. All these are critical to bounce back on your intimate life as well.


  1. Sildenafil 150 mg is available that can help you deal with sexual health problems. This can certainly help in tackling issues like poor libido that directly affects your erection quality.
  2. You can check out such medicines from Cenforcepillsusa not only to improve your mental health but also to assist your sex life.

Lifestyle Changes

  1. Changing it in a way that fixes your life will help you avoid issues like this. Looking after things like sleeping properly, eating healthier food, and avoiding stress becomes vital.
  2. More than anything else probably this is the most important aspect for you. A faulty lifestyle plays a bad role in causing problems for you.
  3. You must also try to avoid all such things that directly trigger high stress or anxiety. For that, you need to not bring your office work at home and stay awake until midnight.

Where To Find Professional Help For Psychogenic ED

A person must look for professional help in tackling health issues like this. To deal with psychological ED you can consult your regular physician. A primitive understanding of the issue can help him to suggest specialist doctors.

Usually, a good psychiatrist can also provide you with great help. Even a sexologist can help you tackle factors of mental health, which directly affect your sex.


As they all say, Prevention is better than cure. Hence, if we want to help ourselves we must prevent a condition like this. Reducing risk factors including high-stress conditions, eating healthier food, and sleeping on time are great ways of enhancing your mental health.

This directly will help you to avoid complex intimate issues as well. This certainly will enable you to have a better mindset and suffer less from issues like low self-esteem or depression.

From Cenforcepillsusa, A Word Of Advice

  • A condition like ED is a major setback for men. Hence tackling it effectively is something that we advise you. Mental health issues can certainly influence this condition. It is because of this reason you have to take care of your Psychogenic health properly.
  • To improve your mental health and avoid such issues we advise you to do certain things. Starting with yoga certainly can enable you to deal properly with complex issues like chronic anxiety or stress.
  •  More than that yoga also enriches oxygen levels in the body that directly helps your sex life. Besides that, if you are facing erection issues, before opting for pills we advise you to evaluate your lifestyle properly.
  • After that, you must find out if there is something unhealthy that you are doing. Avoiding those practices definitely can provide you with some relief from erection issues in the beginning.

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