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Cenforce 150 Mg

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Cenforce 150 mg Tablet is a phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor. Men who suffer from ED often find Cenforce 150 to be a reliable and effective solution.

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 tablets in 1 strip



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6 To 15 days

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What Is Cenforce 150 mg?

Cenforce 150 mg is a prescription medication that is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Sildenafil Citrate is the active component.

It works by boosting blood flow to the penile area. Centurion Laboratories in India produces 150 mg of Cenforce.

Overview, Uses, Dosages, and Side Effects of Cenforce 150 Mg. Buy Cenforce 150mg tablets (Red Pill) online to treat ED, PAH, and BPH symptoms in men. It contains sildenafil citrate, which belongs to the PDE-5 inhibitor class.

What Is The Use Of Cenforce 150 mg?

  • Cenforce 150 mg is for use among ED patients who are not responding to lesser dosages of the medication due to their high tolerance capacity for this medication.
  • Cenforce 150mg will help you achieve a hard erection during sexual intercourse by increasing blood flow to the penile area of the body.
  • Avoid using it as a first-line treatment for impotence because the recommended doses range from 50 mg to 100 mg.

How To Take Cenforce 150 mg?

  • The dosage of this drug will differ based on the patient. Follow your doctor’s advice or the directions on the label. This page contains the typical dosages for this drug.
  • If your dose varies, do not change it unless your doctor tells you to. Adults aged 18 to 65 should take this prescription once daily, one hour before sexual activity.
  • Adults over the age of 65 often receive a larger dose once a day, one hour before sexual activity.
  • Based on your health, your doctor may advise you to take sildenafil Cenforce 150 mg or a lower dose.
  • On the other hand, it is a more potent version of the medication. Furthermore, the medication is in use 30 minutes before sexual activity. If required, your doctor may adjust your dosage.

How Does Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce 150 Work?

The group of drugs known as Phosphodiesterase 5 protein (PDE-5) inhibitors includes sildenafil citrate. This class of drugs helps to relax the veins and increase blood flow. Use it to treat erectile dysfunction and pneumonic hypertension as a result.

Sildenafil in Cenforce 150 mg protects cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) from being destroyed by the PDE-5.

Nitric oxide (NO) is released in the penile muscles due to sexual excitation, which causes the release of cGMP.

The smooth muscles in the penis are more centrally located for cGMP, which causes these muscles to relax and draw more blood. Expanded blood helps the person get an appropriate penile erection for satisfying sex.



Consult a physician to learn the appropriate measurement for you. The usual dosages for ED are 50 mg and Cenforce 100 mg, although in extreme cases where the patient is not responding to these doses, the physician may advise Cenforce 150 mg.

It may not work if you take the tablet more than 4 hours before you plan to engage in sexual activity.

👉Missed Dose

If your PCP prescribed that you take the medications every day, you should make an effort to take them on time every day.

If you forgot to take a piece, you should do so as soon as you remember. The two doses taken within 12 hours of one another could result in an excess.

👉Other Dosage

Some medications can interact with sildenafil Cenforce 150 mg, increasing the risk of side effects and decreasing the medication’s effectiveness.

As a result, you must notify your doctor about all prescription and over-the-counter medications you use.

How To Take Cenforce 150?

✓ How Soon Should I Take Cenforce 150 Before Having Sex?

If you intend to use Cenforce, doctors recommend that you take 100 mg each day, at least 30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Do not take more than one Cenforce dose per day.

✓ How Often Should I Take Cenforce 150 Red Pill?

You can take sildenafil at its usual dose every day. Do not take the greater dose regularly. It is best to consult with a doctor before using it.

✓ Should I Take Cenforce 150 With Food?

Preferably without eating a meal, take the tablet 30 to 45 minutes before having sex. Avoid oily foods if you decide to eat them because they will lengthen the medication’s starting period.

Side effects of Cenforce 150

Sildenafil Citrate is generally a genuinely tolerable medicine; however, it may have adverse effects in your instance, which will resolve on its own. Here are some examples:

  • Nausea
  • Uncomfortable stomach
  • hazy vision
  • Sweating
  • Flushing
  • Headache or dizziness
  • Heartburn or nausea
  • abnormal vision
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Sleeping difficulties

Warning and Precautions

People who have certain illnesses should attempt to avoid taking Cenforce 150 mg because it could make their conditions worse.

  • If you’ve previously experienced an adverse reaction to sildenafil citrate or another medication when using Cenforce 150 mg
  • If you have ever experienced epileptic seizures Assuming you have (or have ever had) an ulcer
  • When a heart issue like aortic stenosis or hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy causes negative side effects in you
  • If you have Pneumonic Veno-occlusive infection, which is assuming you do (PVOD)
  • If your liver and kidney don’t function normally,
  • If you’ve ever suffered from a heart attack or angina,
  • On the off chance that your blood doesn’t clot properly or that you have a blood disorder like sickle-cell anemia or another blood condition,
  • If you have a twisted penis due to disorders like angulation, Peyronie’s disease, or cavernosal fibrosis

Cenforce 150 mg Storage Conditions

  • Cenforce 150 mg tablets should be stored in their original packaging at room temperature (59-86° F or 15-30° C).
  • If the tablets’ expiration date has passed, do not take them.
  • Empty packaging and expired medications must be properly disposed of.
  • Keep them away from direct sunlight, rain, and humidity.
  • Keep them out of the reach of pets and children.
Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
Does Sildenafil Citrate Work On Females?

Females must avoid using Cenforce 150. It may have a detrimental interaction with nitrate-based medications.

What Is The FDA-approved Ingredient For The Generic Substance Of Cenforce 150mg Tablet?

Cenforce 150mg tablets (Red Pill) online to treat ED, PAH, and BPH symptoms in men. It contains sildenafil citrate, which belongs to the PDE-5 inhibitor class, and is the FDA-approved ingredient for the generic substance of Cenforce 150 Tablet.

What Happens If Miss a Dose?

You can miss a dose. You can use it on daily basis or can skip it too when you feel like not using it.

Where To Buy Cenforce 150 Online?

You can buy Cenforce 150 online from, various options and ranges are available at the offer price grab soon.

How Long Does It Take Viagra 150mg To Make Work?

If you want that sildenafil word to work better for you, take it at least 30 minutes before your sexual activity. It will produce the greatest results.

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