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Choose The Right Pill For Erectile Dysfunction

Choose The Right Pill For Erectile Dysfunction



Sexual problems may undermine relationships causing us to undergo divorce, separation, and so on. Within males, one of the most common and highly impacting sexual issues about which we are going to speak in this article is erectile dysfunction.

🎯In this article, our objective will be to find out the ways of choosing the most suitable pill when you have Erectile dysfunction disorder. So let’s begin…

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder affecting the penis capability of hardening and becoming firm when stimulated. Within this disorder, you lose this capability of ensuring a firm penis erection when you wish to have sex.
  • A person suffering from ED would not be able to attain a strong and hard erection despite trying so desperately.
  • But as we shall find out in this article it is possible to recover from this disorder with the use of pills like Cenforce 150 red pill.

What Erectile Dysfunction Pills Are Available?

ED curing medicines are generally available in two different types. On one side there are those brands that have been recommended by the FDA. This type includes brands such as Viagra, Cialis, and Stendra.

There is this generic pill category that contains medicines such as Cenforce, Fildena, Tadacip, Tadagra, and so on.

Which Drug For Erectile Dysfunction?

It is necessary to consult with the doctors to find out an effective dose that helps cure your ED issues. Remember that if you don’t get the ideal medicine or its dose it may end up causing side effects.

Explain The Types Of Erectile Dysfunction Pill

👉Now, let us find out about the different types of medicines and their compositions that can help in curing ED problems.



Being approved by the FDA for the first time, it is the first any sort of generic medicinal compound to have received the certifications from the FDA for having a firm erection.

Sildenafil medicines are available in different strengths each one capable of causing penile hardness for up to 4 to 6 hours. One of the most common doses of Sildenafil is the Cenforce 200.


Tadalafil is yet another highly popular generic medicinal compound that is present in many branded medicines such as Vidalista, Tadalista, Megalis, and so on. One of the good things about Tadalafil is that it can extend its lasting time and effects on your body by several hours.

It comes in smaller doses such as 2.5 mg 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg. Higher doses can survive up to 36 hours with smaller doses lasting up to 24 hours.


Dapoxetine isn’t the exact medicine that you would want to use for curing ED. Rather it is used for curing yet another common sexual disorder in males that is known as premature ejaculation or PE.

Dapoxetine’s capability of increasing the presence of serotonin hormone within the brain cells is what allows you to be able to delay your ejaculating capabilities.



Vardenafil is another popular ingredient that can cure ED. vardenafil pills can help provide lasting effects almost similar to that of Sildenafil. It is capable of producing firm erections with its many doses such as 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, and 40 mg.


Yet another common generic ingredient is Avanafil which can also help cure ED. Remember that Any of these medicines you will need to purchase with a prescription only.

How To Take ED Pills

ED pills may be taken through a variety of means. Of course, most of the brands come in a swallowing format where you have to swallow the whole medicine with water. On the other hand, some pills come in the form of oral jelly and chewable pills which need to be chewed.

Some of the examples of such medicines include Cenforce oral Jelly, Kamagra Chewable, and so on.

How Well Do ED Pills Work?

Erectile dysfunction pills can have the potential to curb ED symptoms completely and cause strong firm erections until they last. Remember to avoid the use of alcohol or contraindicating medicines that would reduce the effects of the Erectile dysfunction pills.

How Quickly Do ED Pills Work?

  • ED pills would generally take about a few minutes to an hour or so for activating and allowing your penis to get hard.
  • Pills that contain Sildenafil would need about 30 to 45 minutes, while those that contain Tadalafil may take up to 2 hours depending on the strength of the dose.
  • Avanafil and vardenafil generally are known for quickly activating themselves within less than half an hour. Remember the higher the amount of generic substance dose the longer it would need to activate itself.

Is ED Medication Safe For You?

The Erectile dysfunction medicinal compounds and the brands that we have mentioned above are completely safe for intake.

To ensure proper safety when using ED pills remember to follow the guidelines which the doctors have recommended and never increase the dose above what the doctors have recommended.

Which ED Medication Might Work Best For You?

  • As such any ED medicine or any of its doses can work best for you. There is no single magic brand or dose that can commonly provide the same effects of long-lasting erections in all.
  • Doctors would carefully recommend the generic composition, a brand, and a suitable dose depending on the patient.

How To Purchase ED Drugs

🛒While purchasing Erectile dysfunction medicines you only have two routes. One is the highly preferable mode of online websites these days where you buy the pills from an online website or pharmacy.

Secondly, there is a common method to buy the pills from our Online portal. It only depends on which route you prefer depending on how suitable discounts you are going to get.

Does Cialis Make You Harder Than Viagra?

drug name viagra cialis

Cialis is an FDA-recommended brand that contains the generic ingredient Tadalafil in it. On the other hand, you have Viagra which is composed of Sildenafil generic.

As we have told you above, Tadalafil doses can easily outlast for several hours much longer than Viagra pills that contain Sildenafil.

How Long ED Treatments Remain Active In The Body

  • With the use of Erectile dysfunction medicines, it is only possible for the effects of strong erectile potency to remain for a couple of hours.
  • Remember that each medicine can only provide strong erections for a few hours until its effects would last.


So, as you can see in this article we have mentioned some of the generic medicines that you can purchase to cure your Erectile dysfunction issues. of course, you should only let the doctors recommend the most suitable medicine for your health.

To get the best discounts on buying ED pills you can go to online websites such as Cenforcepillsusa.


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