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Is Morbid Obesity Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

Is Morbid Obesity Linked To Erectile Dysfunction?


We often hear about the term obesity as being one of the critical disorders among the current generation. But what do you mean by morbid obesity? Well, in this article we are going to discuss this issue in further detail.

We will also find out how Obesity in morbidity which, is a critical and severe form of obesity is also linked with having sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction. ╰┈➤So let’s begin…

What Is Morbid Obesity?

Morbid obesity is referred to as the most severe form of obesity. It is a class-III obesity disorder. When it comes to standards for measuring obesity whenever your BMI or body mass index is over 30 you are classified into the obese category of people.

But in obesity, your body mass index is more than 40 which is a critical issue.

It is the severest form of obesity and it means that people suffering from this class of obesity disorder will have chances of having further health complications as a result of being obese.

Now that you have got a basic idea about obesity let us find out how this issue can give rise to erectile dysfunction in men.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Now, erectile dysfunction is a completely different disorder from obesity.
  • Erectile dysfunction is a form of disorder which relates to the sexual health of men and involves the penis. Having this disorder most men would become incapable of achieving a strong and hard erection on their own.
  • But guess what? Having erectile dysfunction you don’t have to abstain from a normal and healthy sexual relationship with your partner.
  • You can consult with the doctors and make use of pills such as Cenforce 150 mg that help cure such issues. In this article from now on we will be concerned to find out how it may lead to having ED and what is the relation between these two disorders.

Can Being Morbid Obesity Cause ED? Is Obesity Linked To Erectile Dysfunction?

Being obese is surely one of the major risk factors for having ED issues.

This means that if you are suffering from Obesity in morbidity your chances of having ED are higher than in an average male. So how does obesity give rise to a sexual disorder such as ED? Let us find out.


See, when you are obese your body mass index is higher than 30 which means that the presence of morbid obesity and deposits in your body is higher than normal. Sometimes these high deposits of fatty tissues will disrupt the normal flow of blood to the penis tissues.

Having a low supply of blood to the penis tissues means that your penis sensitivity is low considered to others.

And this is why you may have trouble achieving a strong erection because to gain an erection you will need a normal blood supply to excite the penis tissues to get hard when stimulation is being provided.

It has been found that up to 15% of the males having obesity could end up having ED as an added health complexity and would therefore need to use pills such as sildenafil Cenforce 200 mg to get hard.

How Does An Erection Work?

  • Now that you have got an idea about morbid obesity and ED let us find out how an erection exactly occurs. And how does your obesity cause an obstruction in getting a strong erect penis?
  • See when you are in the mood to have sex, your sexual drive and desire would get high. This often is categorized as occurrences of sexual thoughts in your brain.
  • When the brain is in the mood for having sex, it increases the heartbeat and the arteries in the penis region dilate causing a rise in blood flow supply. This is how you end up getting a strong and hard erection.
  • However, the problem is that males who are obese or morbid obese would not have this high blood flow supply occurring. Due to the excess fatty deposits beneath the layers of skin, the arteries would generally be constricted and thus the blood flow supply is deprived.
  • And this is why you will need to take the help of medicines such as Cenforce 100 mg to get hard.

Weight And Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

As we have told you above, your weight may have a relation with ED. if your body mass index is more than 30 you can have problems in achieving a strong and hard erection. This is why people who are overweight could always have symptoms of ED.

And if you are morbid obesity already it could be true that you are suffering from mild or more severe ED problems already.

Symptoms Of Morbid Obesity-Related Erectile Dysfunction

Symptoms Obesity Reduced Muscle Mass

Often the most critical symptom of ED noticed in patients is the lack of a strong and hard erection. Despite stimulation being provided a person suffering from ED would not be able to enable a strong and hard erection. This symptom occurs whenever have sex.

How To Lose Weight To Help Erectile Dysfunction

  • To prevent yourself from an added health complexity such as ED because of obesity it is necessary to reduce weight. To lose weight effectively is not that hard after all. Simple changes in your diet, coupled with exercises, yoga, and relieving stress can help in reducing weight.
  • Remember that your plan must be to consume less calories and burn more. This is how your body will start consuming the fatty deposits to produce energy and thus you end up shedding weight.
  • Focus on consuming a healthy diet that has fewer carbs, fats, and cholesterol in it. Reduce your sodium intake. Focus on doing exercises daily such as running, jogging, cycling, swimming, and playing some sporting activities.

Treatment Of Testosterone Deficiency In Overweight And Morbid Obesity Men

  • Often men who are obese could have low testosterone, again is a reason for having ED. Consult with the doctors if you have low testosterone levels. Often a highly advanced method of testosterone replacement therapy would work.
  • Otherwise, you can focus on exercises, increasing immunity, and focusing on diet and food items that help in increasing testosterone levels.

How Else Can You Improve The Quality Of Your Erections?

To help increase your quality of erections it is important to lose weight. But there are other ways of having a good quality erection too. We recommend that you give up your smoking and addiction habits to substances such as alcohol and cocaine.

Focus on doing yoga and exercises that help in increasing the blood flow to the prostate and penis region. Do exercises such as pelvic floor exercises and kegel exercises even more.

Pros and Cons


Should I Do the low- FODMAP Diet

Body Changes That Contribute To ED

  • Sometimes having changes in your blood sugar levels, and blood pressure levels can also contribute to ED.
  • Some pre-existing disorders such as cardiac disorders, high cholesterol, low blood pressure, high blood sugar and diabetes, and even neurological disorders can contribute to ED.

Morbid Obesity And ED Are Risk Factors For Other Health Issues

Without a doubt, you have to say that being obese and suffering from ED can also crop up other health issues.

Often morbid obesity is seen and men suffering from obesity are more susceptible to cardiac problems, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, and even diabetes.

It is important to consume pills like Fildena 150 mg when you are suffering from ED.

How Does Diet Affect ED?

Your diet can contribute to ED. usually, men having a poor diet can end up having the symptoms of ED. Usually, food containing more fats, cholesterol, and carbs would end up having ED.

To cure ED through your diet you need to avoid food items that contain less added sugars, trans fats, unhealthy carbs, and so on.

Along with this, you should increase food items that contain phosphorous, magnesium, less sodium, and a high amount of antioxidants and proteins.

Final Word

So, as you can see in this article we have explained in detail how morbid obesity, can lead to having ED. We have also mentioned how other health disorders can occur due to obesity and ED.


✓ Is Morbid Obesity Curable?

Curing morbid obesity is a challenge but it is hard to say that it is not curable at all. You will have to take medicines, and significantly change your lifestyle to cure it.

✓ How Long Does Cenforce 150 Last?

Usually with the effects of Cenforce 150 mg, you can get erections as long as 6 hours.

✓ Will I Die Of Morbid Obesity?

Morbidly obese people and those who have already other existing health disorders due to it could certainly have a reduced lifespan.

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