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Is Hot Water A Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction

Is Hot Water A Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction?


Do you know about the male sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction? Do you have any idea how having this disorder may affect your erection capabilities?

Well, although there can be many health issues linked with ED and its cause today we are going to look at one particular scenario.

In this article, we are going to see how hot water may cause ED. We will find out the details about each corresponding topic throughout this article. So let’s begin…


  • What is your idea on erectile dysfunction? See, before we move ahead with the more complex topics in this article it is essential to know about the disorder itself at first. This erectile dysfunction issue is only linked to the male sexual system.
  • Having this disorder certainly causes problems in your erection capabilities.
  • A man who is suffering from impotence would not be able to achieve a strong and hard erection on their own.
  • Generally, there can be many health issues, the existing ones that are linked with ED.
  • Most commonly it is found in men already suffering from physical health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac disorders, nerve issues, high cholesterol, and so on.
  • Even your mental health has a say in how you can get a strong erection.
  • Generally, if you are suffering from high stress, depression, or anxiety you may have trouble erecting your penis.
  • Most often the doctors would recommend you to use pills such as Cenforce 100 mg to cure this condition.

What’s The Mechanism?

  • Now once you have gained a clear idea about the ED disorder let us get an idea of the mechanism of obtaining a strong erection.
  • When you are in the mood to have sex there is a release of hormones such as testosterone in your blood which gives you a higher libido and intensifies your sexual drive.
  • Eventually, the brain initiates the heart to beat faster and this increases the blood flow to the penis tissues.
  • The higher flowing blood would cause penis sensitivity to rise eventually helping you to gain an erection.

How Hot Water Can Cause ED?


  • Now let us dive deep into today’s topic where we shall find out how hot water use can cause ED.
  • See, if you tend to bathe in hot water or use saunas then there is a risk that you may have developed ED.
  • The use of hot water when it comes to the sensitive penis region not only gives a high burning and pain sensation.
  • But with the regular use of hot water for Bathing your penis tissues end up becoming less sensitive.
  • Your blood vessels also receive an enormous amount of damage since the penis region is surrounded by a fine network of delicate capillaries.
  • Eventually, the use of hot water for a long time renders them incapable of carrying enough blood flow to the penis since the walls would have been damaged and thus the arteries would have collapsed.
  • Another way in which hot water may cause ED is by desensitizing the nerves and the blood vessels.
  • The use of hot water causes the nerve cells in the penis tissues and the blood vessels to burn and eventually, they do not get any sensation thus eventually you also get hampered while trying to get a hard erection.
  • To recover from this condition you would need to have enough blood flow which is only possible through a mechanism known as vasodilation which is initiated with the use of Cenforce 200 pills.

How Hot Water Affects Penis Blood Flow?

As we told you above, the use of hot water and saunas can affect your penis blood flow.

The arteries in the penis region would eventually become desensitized or would get numb down eventually.

This is because the heat of the hot water causes the cells of the nerves and the blood vessels to get damaged and eventually the blood flow reduces within the penis tissues.

What Overheating Does To Sexual Health?

  • Overheating is a negative influence on your sexual health.
  • Due to overheating which may be due to the use of hot water during bathing, you may have a lower libido.
  • Scientists and researchers have found that the overheating of your body may reduce your sexual drive and intent.
  • Owing to less sexual drive you do not get into the mood for having sex with your partner.
  • Also, overheating causes a lot of damage to the nerves and the blood vessels or the capillaries inside your body.
  • The excess heat inside your body causes the nerve cells and blood vessel cells to get numb or desensitized.
  • This would mean that there would be a lack of blood flow inside your body. And as you may know, higher blood flow is necessary to get a hard erection or to induce yourself sexually.

Should We Drink Water Just Before Sex?

Drinking water before bed

  • Drinking water before having sex is a good idea. drinking water helps boost metabolism and provides more sexual energy.
  • Also drinking water helps to increase the efficacy of electrolytes present in your blood.
  • It helps in the rapid movement of the blood in your body creating a sense of motivation and positivity and also triggers the brain to become activated.

Can Dehydration Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, the lack of water in your body may trigger the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


Scientists say that it primarily happens as the lack of water in your body causes blood flow to reduce and also creates less sexual intent and drive within people.

You can use medicines such as Cenforce 150 mg to recover from this condition.

Does Drinking Water Help Sexually?

As we told you above drinking water helps in ensuring higher blood flow.

It helps in rapid movement of the blood throughout the entire body and even the penis region.

Drinking water also helps in activating your brain and thus you would have a higher chance of getting excited to have sex when stimulated sexually.

The Role Of Temperature In Erectile Functioning

  • Your body temperature has a lot to say about the quality of your erections.
  • If your body temperature is higher than usual you may have trouble in achieving a strong erection.
  • Hence it is always recommended to avoid the use of very hot water for bathing and to cool off your body after coming back home from outside work during the hot summer season to get sexual excitement.

The Common Causes And Risk Factors For ED

What are the risk factors of erectile dysfunction

  • ED is one particular disorder where the cause may be linked physically or even with your mental health issues.
  • Some of the physical factors include having higher cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and nerve disorders.
  • Your mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or stress could even be linked with this penis disorder.

How To Prevent The ED Associated With Hot Water Exposure

Well, the most simple measure to avoid ED associated with the use of hot water is to avoid the use of hot water for bathing. Or at least we would recommend you ensure the water is only mild warm and not too hot.